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We process dozens of tax properties and discovered people have similar questions regarding the buying process. To aid in your journey, we created a list of common questions with video answers. Our goal is to break the information up into little bites which allow for easy learning. Please be aware we are not attorneys and any information here should be seen as opinion only based on past experiences and previous deals. Videos are for information only and not to set expectations.

What is a tax sale?

Can you tell us about some of the deals you have done? Good and bad!

What is the difference between a tax certificate and a tax deed?

What are some of the different ways you can use a tax property

Can an owner redeem and what is the process?

What am I entitled to should an owner redeem?

What is an opportunity zone?

Can I see inside the property before I buy it?

What is the process when buying a tax certificate/deed from us?

What are the next steps after the paperwork comes in?

Life after purchase

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